Industrial Uniforms


Commercial uniforms and industrial clothing are designed for commercial, industrial, law enforcement, military, or other specialized applications. Commercial uniforms and industrial clothing are commonly used to brand or identify the employees of a company via the company’s logo or other corporate identifier. Commercial uniforms and industrial clothing can be purchased from a variety of sources including retail outlets, direct sales vendors, or mail order catalogs.

Commercial uniforms and industrial clothing may be required for worker safety or protection purposes. Common purposes for industrial safety clothing include:

  • high visibility (transportation workers)
  • protection from hazardous materials (chemical workers).

Some types of commercial uniforms and industrial clothing combine both branding and safety purposes. A military uniform is designed to instill both a sense of unity among members of that organization and provide specific work-related functionality. A police uniform, as another example, may include protective materials like a Kevlar vest.


Many different types of cotton fabrics are used in commercial uniforms and industrial clothing.

  • Poplins– Made with wood, cotton, silk, rayon, or a mixture of these.
  • Twills– Examples include chino, denim, and tweed.
  • Ripstops– Often made of nylon, ripstops prevent tearing and ripping.

Experts In

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• Tricot Coats
• Degrees
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• Cotton Gloves
• Industrial Goggles
• Rubber Gloves
• Disposable Face Masks
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